Anxiety sorted in 1 hypnotherapy session

carefree woman in poppy field


I recently had one of my most rewarding and most frustrating weeks so far in my career as a hypnotherapist…

It started with a call about therapy services from someone asking if I could help with treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. The person in question was effectively housebound because of fear.

They asked the usual questions about the cost of hypnotherapy sessions and how long the course of therapy would be. I gave my usual answer about it being difficult to assess how much hypnotherapy would be needed to help resolve anxiety and panics without meeting and speaking to them.

With a friend along for support, they came to visit me later that same day for a free assessment session, so they could decide for they wanted hypnotherapy to help overcome their fears, and if they would like to work with me as their therapist.

Perhaps one of the best decisions I made with my hypnotherapy prices, was to offer a free initial consultation appointment. It offers prospective clients the opportunity to have a chat about their problems or concerns and ask me any questions that are on their mind. This helps them to make an informed decision about whether they think hypnotherapy is right treatment choice for them and, most importantly, if they feel they will be comfortable with me as their hypnotherapist. Having made a professional assessment of whether hypnotherapy is suitable to treat a particular person or problem, I can formulate a treatment plan and estimate how long it might take for them to reach their goal – answering those questions that typically get asked during a 1st telephone call.

As usual in a first meeting, I offered this prospective client a brief hypnotic induction so they could experience what it was like to go into hypnosis in a light trance. During this, I also gave some previously agreed therapeutic suggestions about becoming less worried and more relaxed. They loved every moment of it and enthusiastically became my eldest client to date. We agreed that they would come back a few days later, for a full hour treatment session.

When we next met, they told me that after that first brief hypnotherapy treatment they’d been feeling so much better that they’d overcome their fear of leaving the house and had been out on several occassions. My client’s reduced anxiety and increased confidence was evident as they had regained enough confidence to get to the hypnotherapy session on their own this time.

I was delighted, though not surprised, at the positive response to my first brief hypnosis session, as it’s quite usual for a client to feel elated and empowered just from having experienced their ability to get into their own trance state for the first time. We also carried out the piece of work I’d prepared and again they felt that they had made such massive progress, that I judged it unnecessary to schedule another appointment as our work was potentially finished.

So, what was the reward of my week? Well, following several months of anxiety, with just two visits to my hypnotherapy practice (and one of those was free), I played a part in seeing the life of one of my senior client restart – which also demonstrates the potential to change at any age or stage in life. And, the frustration of my week? Well, it’s my job to continually make myself redundant, and as I wave goodbye to yet another client leaving with their problems resolved, I also quickly wave goodbye to my income too!

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