Counselling is appropriate for present day or short-term difficulties like stress, redundancy, relationships, relocation, injury, loss or bereavement. These difficult adjustments can be dealt with more easily when you have space to talk things through.

Psycho-therapeutic Counselling can help with past issues and recurring problems that might keep affecting you, or people close to you.


I’m not taking any new clients now as I plan to retire in early 2018.  Past clients who have previously completed a course of therapy are welcome to contact me until October 2017, if you would like an individual follow up session.

I have experience in treating a wide range of therapy issues including:

  • Anxiety;  Fears;  Phobias;  Panics;  Trauma
  • Depression;  Low Mood;  Sadness
  • Confidence and Low Self Esteem
  • Difficult Feelings;  Shame;  Guilt
  • Bereavement and Losses of all kind
  • Anger Management;  Abuse;  Bullying;  Self-Harm
  • Relationships;  Attachment Issues
  • Addictions;  Obsessive and Compulsive Thinking and Behaviours
  • Stress and Worry

As we talk, you’ll get greater awareness of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour and develop greater insight into what may be contributing to your difficulties. Together, we’ll identify choices for change that are appropriate for you and develop a realistic and achievable plan to support you in this process.

Counselling or psychotherapy doesn’t provide advice or a ‘magic wand’ for instant solutions. It can’t change other people, but it can change how you ‘see’ and deal with them. As you make changes in how you relate to other people, they may change in response. However, it will be YOUR change that will be the therapeutic focus.

I mainly use Transactional Analysis (known as TA), which is a humanistic therapy. This approach believes in the intrinsic worth of human beings and holistically considers the whole person, emotionally and physically.


All sessions are confidential. There are a few legal, heath and safety limits to this, which are fully explained. Any specific compromises to confidentiality boundaries would be discussed and agreed with the client in advance, unless the client’s or another person’s safety is considered to be severely at risk.

Telephone: 0115 9623799   Mobile: 07722 234761  


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