man in HypnosisHypnotherapy in Nottingham

Clinical Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help you make the positive changes that you want in your life.  It can be used to succesfully achieve change with a wide range of issues.

People tend to think of hypnosis being used to treat fears and phobias, to help people to give up habits like smoking or over-eating, or to enhance confidence and self-esteem – which it does very successfully.  It can also help you deal with anxiety, depression and many other mental and physical health issues. Problems like chronic pain and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in which there are often emotional and stress related elements, can respond very well to treatment.

Hypnosis is actually quite a natural state of concentrated awareness and heightened relaxation.  We all experience this state many times a day – it’s when we focus on something so completely that we don’t know where the time went, like when you’re absorbed in a hobby or activity, or even ‘zoning out’ whilst doing the washing up.  In sport, it’s actually called ‘the zone’ – when people act instinctively and operate at their ‘peak’ performance.

How can this help you?  Well, we can all learn to access this state whenever we choose, and whilst in it your subconcious mind is more open to positive suggestions.  It’s a bit like ‘flying under the radar’ of our active mind’s critical, self-limiting thoughts that can sabotage our self-belief and progress.  Through hypnosis, you can ask your subconcious mind to stop sabotaging you and then actually assist you to make whatever change you have chosen.

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