Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Balanced stonesHypnotherapy support for losing weight is effective because it changes your relationship to food and you feel good about changing your behaviour to make healthier lifestyle choices.  When this happens, the weight loss begins. Losing weight is a gradual process, as the body will shed fat of about 2-3 lbs per week, which is sensible, realistic and acheivable. While there is no need to ‘over’ exercise or starve yourself, you simply change your relationship with food and with your body to a much healthier one and consequently eat less and more healthily.

As a guide, weekly hypnotherapy weight loss sessions, carried out over 7 weeks, can support you achieving one stone in weight loss. This is best accomplished through 1 to 1 sessions. Alternatively a CD /MP3 download can be purchased to reduce costs, or just to help keep you on track between hynotherapy sessions.

To start with, you learn how powerful hypnosis is through sensible eating suggestions which kick start your weight loss. Then we deal with any underlying issues and also add some positive visualisations of your future self that illustate you how successful you’ve been and how you achieved the results you want.

This process of change could include anything, as is it individually tailored to meet your needs – it could include sessions about how you see yourself, what motivates you, what your ideal body shape is, your relationship with food, how well you sleep, or how you interact with other people.

One wonderful beneficial side effect of losing weight through hypnotherapy is the quality of relaxation achieved, which means you are more able to deal with any stresses that may have led you to turn to food for comfort.

What this weight loss hypnotherapy program is doing

This program is designed to help you to deal with the CAUSES of weight gain or over eating at an emotional and psychological level – you then lose weight as a natural by-product of positive internal changes.

Imagine your garden isn’t flowering well because the soil isn’t well cared for. If you plant new flowers they may wither or not reach their full potential. If you tend and nourish the earth before planting, you create an environment that supports growth. When you plant your new seeds in healthy ground, with regular watering and pruning, they can flourish and flower.

Early on, it may seem a lot of work without initially seeing many visible results, so it’s helpful to evaluate underlying internal changes first – like nourished soil that will encourage healthy roots and long-term growth – this is what we want for you too!

It’s not about quick fixes that can fail quickly, but about discovering ‘who you are’ and tending to the real issues, enabling you to create long-term success. Many dieters lose weight then put it back on – feeling frustrated about why they’re continuously ‘battling’ with themselves. This program calls a truce and addresses any internal ‘enemies’ so you can develop a positive, healthy and supportive relationship with yourself and make changes without having to fight.

Treatment begins with a free assessment, when we have a detailed chat about your goals, you can ask questions about your treatment and we can make an informed decision about whether we can work effectively together.

If you’d like to chat more about how weight loss hypnotherapy could help you lose weight, call Dave on 0115 9623799


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